Track Attack

Track Attack Kick OffDear Commerce Families,

We are excited to announce that an official campaign has been launched to raise the necessary funds to install a track at our school! The students and families of Commerce Elementary, our wonderful staff, and our community will benefit from this track and we cannot wait to break ground!

It has been a priority at Commerce Elementary to teach our students the importance of making healthy choices in regard to snacks, lunches and time spent outside at recess. The choices they make every day become habits that will carry into their adult life.

We know the BEST leaders we have to make this happen are the very people we hope to teach and mold…our kids! We feel that by inspiring our kids to take action, we are furthering the principles we have been teaching! There are so many wonderful lessons they will learn from this experience, setting and achieving goals, along with working as a team for a common goal just to name a few.

Your children will be coming home today with a “Track Attack” Campaign Packet that allows them to join the Track Attack Team with the entire student body and be a part of something amazing!

This campaign will run through March 2014 and challenges our kids to set a personal campaign goal.  Every little bit counts!  There will be fun prizes and recognition for personal achievement to keep our kids excited and reward them for their efforts!

Our classrooms will also be competing against each other and the winning classroom will enjoy a “Surprise Party” (The party theme will be kept a secret until the winning classroom has been determined)!

If you have any questions or would like to help out with The Track Attack Committee then please contact Stephanie McKee at

We hope that you as parents will help and support your children in setting & achieving their goals.  Most importantly, we thank you! We look forward to celebrating with our kids and families at our ribbon cutting celebration!


Stephanie McKee
Track Attack Chairperson                   

Tanya DuBay
Commerce Elementary Physical Education Teacher

Business Sponsors

A HUGE thanks goes to the business in our area that support this effort. Join us in thanking them by giving them your business!

Commerce Village Dentist
Dance Dynamics